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8/27/2011 2:22:02 PM
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The Bond Book

The Bond Book, Third Edition: Everything Investors Need to Know About Treasuries, Municipals, GNMAs, Corporates, Zeros, Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, and More

This is a clear, thorough, comprehensive look at the world of bonds, starting with some general explanations and then going through each major category of bond in turn. The only problem is that the book is getting old and some of the examples and explanations are based on market conditions that no longer exist. However, the book is excellent and certainly stands the test of time.
2000 has been the year to be in bonds. Bonds have provided much better returns than the stock market. This is the best book (out of four that I bought and read) on bonds that I have found. It is clear, easy to understand, and has everything you need to know to get started. The section on Treasury bond ladders is especially helpful.
I really liked this book. It was well written and organized clearly. Everyone is crazy about stocks, so not much is really known about bonds. I read another book on bonds and still was unsure. This book was different. It was clear and thorough on all types of bond issues and offers clear warning on risks. Bonds are not as safe as I thought - if you think they are, definitely read this book. Many good ideas on setting up safe portfolios that will do well over time.

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