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Sunday, March 26, 2017 7:22:30 AM
Interview with Philip Emeagwali about writing software for supercomputers.
Tekno Bubbles are the greatest trip toy ever patented -- blowing bubbles that glow under black lights and come in wild colors and smells - interview with the inventors Byron and Melody Swetland.
Amanda Jones re-invented american food production by inventing vacuum packed canning.
Graham Durant and John Emmett and Charon Ganellin co-invented Tagamet - which inhibits the production of stomach acid.
Alice Parker invented a heating furnace.
Mark Thatcher invented Teva Sandals and a modern sandal company is haunted by the soles of an ancient people - the ancient background to Teva Sandals.
Famous inventors in the computer business - over twenty-six fully illustrated features cover the history of computing from Konrad Zuse and the first programmable machine to supercomputers.
The first electronic video home security system was patented on December 2 1969.
The concept of ambulance service started in Europe with the Knights of St John who created the first ambulances
Timeline focuses on major events in Thomas Edison's personal life and on his motion picture and phonograph inventions.
A short history of gas turbine engines
Pentothal is an intravenous anesthetic - Volwiler and Tabern came up with the drug Pentothal when they were seeking an anesthetic which could be injected directly into the bloodstream.
David Crosthwait is well known for inventing the heating system for the New York's famous Radio City Music Hall.
The AC-130H's call sign is Spectre - the AC-130U's call sign is Spooky and traces its history to the first operational gunship.
Ernest Solvay invented the industrial process for sodium carbonate production
Lloyd Conover invented the antibiotic tetracycline - which became the most prescribed broad spectrum antibiotic in the United States.
The history of Cabbage Patch Kids
The newest models F/A 18 Hornets the E and F were rolled out at McDonnell Douglas Sept 17 1995.
Sir James Dewar was the inventor of the Dewar flask - the first thermos and the co-inventor of cordite - a smokeless gunpowder.
Information on the SH-60 Sea Hawk Helicopter
Virginia Apgar invented a newborn scoring system or Apgar Score for assessing the health of newborn infants.
John Thompson invented lingo programming used in Macromedia Director and Shockwave.
A listing of historical inventors and inventions which have been archived and indexed for historical and current research.
Paintball - history - how tree-marking tools turn into paintball guns and markers.
Have you ever wondered - Who invented the circular thing that keeps the pizza from hitting the inside of the box top?
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